The Alliance for Connected Care is proud to be partnering with NCQA and the American Telemedicine Association to launch the Taskforce on Telehealth Policy to develop recommendations to Congress on permanent telehealth policy. View the more information about the Taskforce on Telehealth Policy here

Research for the Subgroup on Expanding Telehealth and its Effect on Total Cost of Care:

This subgroup seeks to understand what we have learned about telehealth utilization and its effect on prevention, urgent care, transportation, and etc.  Our goal is to educate a conversation about what impact expanding telehealth access in Medicare will have on federal budgeting models. 

Call for Data

In our efforts to gather data on cost, we are asking organizations, health systems, or providers to submit data on telehealth utilization. See below for an example from Stanford Health Care — Stanford was able to show in this chart how telehealth did not increase utilization, but simply represented a changed modality for the care being delivered.  We are looking for similar information from a diverse range of healthcare organizations.

Key Questions:

  1. To what extent is telehealth serving as a replacement for in-person care?
  2. How many telehealth visits result in follow-up care vs. a resolved issue?
  3. To what extent does access to telehealth care change patient behavior/increase consumer utilization of services otherwise offered in person?
  4. To what extent can data experts examine telehealth care while discounting both COVID-care and delayed elective procedures?

Please submit your data/research to  We will be sure to attribute any data.