Five National Policy Developments that Advance Telemedicine

This year was a busy year for telemedicine at the state level. State legislatures and medical boards across the country considered dozens of measures, most of them aimed at improving the policy environment for telemedicine. In the flurry of activity, you may have missed some major developments at the national level that are going to [...]

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Featured on Telehealth Advocates Remain Optimistic After Recent Setbacks | June 12, 2015 Excerpt: Last week, Medicare officials rebuffed requests to expand use of telemedicine in the highly watched accountable care organization, or ACO, program. And bids to expand use of telemedicine through the House Energy and Commerce’s 21rst Century Cures bill have so far fallen short. But Krista Drobac, executive director of [...]

2015-06-15T19:31:22-04:00June 15th, 2015|

The Role of Policy in Hindering Telemedicine’s Progress

The Los Angeles Convention Center is abuzz this week with discussions about the future of patient care as the American Telemedicine Association brings together entrepreneurs, technology and device companies, health systems, and others for their annual meeting. Treating patients is no longer restricted to regular office hours and judging by the exhibit hall at the [...]

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2015: Another Unstoppable Year for Telehealth

Offering telehealth1 to employees or health plan beneficiaries used to be a differentiator in benefits – an added perk for employees or health care consumers increasingly demanding convenience and accessibility. Today, it is rapidly becoming a necessary addition to benefit packages. Not only do employees and prospective health plan enrollees want it, but it’s also [...]

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