CMS released a survey of Medicare beneficiaries during COVID-19

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According to the survey, the most common type of forgone care because of the pandemic was dental care (43%), followed by regular check-up (36%), treatment for ongoing condition (36%), and diagnostic or medical screening test (32%).  The most common reason cited for forgoing care was not wanting to risk being at a medical facility (45%).

In addition to forgone care and preventative health behaviors, the survey asked about the impact of the pandemic on daily life and well-being, availability of telemedicine appointments, access to technology, and sources of information about the pandemic.

Of beneficiaries who have a usual health care provider:

  • 60% reported that this provider currently offers telephone or video appointments.
  • 58% reported that their provider offers both telephone and video appointments
  • 22% reported that their provider offered telemedicine appointments before the pandemic
  • 57% reported that their provider offered a telemedicine appointment to replace an appointment during the pandemic

An infographic with a snapshot of the survey results is here. A link to the public use file detailing the survey results is here.