The Alliance submitted comments on the draft Interstate Medical Licensure Compact (the “Compact”). The Alliance recommended several additions to strengthen the draft Compact.

  • Recommend that FSMB more clearly demonstrate the value that will be added as a result of the establishment of a Commission including additional detail on the Commission’s role in facilitating expedited licensure determinations; the streamlined communication channels between the home state, the Commission, and other member states; and the timeframe for expedited licensure.
  • We recommend that FSMB include a timeframe in the document that specifies the length of time estimated for end-to-end processing.
  • The Compact is a policy document, but in order for the vision encompassed in the document to become reality, there must be interoperable information technology (IT) systems in place.
  • We recommend that FSMB clearly outline the eligibility requirements physicians will have to satisfy to be eligible to participate in the expedited process in the Compact.
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