Elevance Health: What Consumers Want from Virtual Primary Care – Findings

A survey commissioned by Elevance Health found that 94 percent of adults who have used telehealth to access primary care are satisfied with the virtual experience, with 79 percent feeling in charge of their health. The poll also found that convenience and accessibility were top draws for telehealth among consumers. Other notable findings include:

  • People with a chronic health condition are more likely to be familiar with virtual primary care (52 percent vs. 42 percent).
  • 41 percent of people with a primary health care doctor want to see more use of digital communication, such as text messages or emails.
  • 52 percent with a primary care physician say they would use virtual primary care in addition to the care they receive from their current primary health care provider within the next year, while 59 percent are likely to do so within the next two to five years, and 62 percent beyond the next five years.
  • 84 percent of people who have accessed virtual primary care say it has been very useful during the pandemic and that they plan to continue using it as pandemic conditions improve.
  • Large majorities of respondents say they want to use virtual primary care for prescription refills (76 percent), referrals to specialists (72 percent), non-urgent (67 percent) and/or urgent issues (58 percent).
  • 71 percent say that the nation’s care delivery system is improving with the use of telehealth.
  • 83 percent say it’s a great way to increase access to health care for people who may otherwise be unable to visit a provider in person.