Epic Research: ADHD Medications Prescribed at Similar Rates During Telehealth and In-Person Visits

This study analyzed medication prescribing rates for telehealth and office visits, which found that attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) medications were prescribed at similar rates during telehealth and in-person visits. Most initial ADHD prescriptions were for stimulant medications in both telehealth (84 percent) and office visits (87 percent) for ADHD. Prescribing rates for anti-anxiety medications within 30 days of a telehealth or office visit with patient’s first anxiety diagnosis followed similar trends. These findings suggest that, for health systems providing mental health services, providers are no more or less likely to prescribe a medication during a telehealth visit than they are during an office visit for ADHD and anxiety. Of note, this analysis does not include telehealth-only providers.