Pediatric Cardiology: Initial Experience with Telemedicine for Interstage Monitoring in Infants with Palliated Congenital Heart Disease

Infants with staged surgical palliation for congenital heart disease are at high-risk for interstage morbidity and mortality. Home monitoring programs have mitigated these risks. This study examines caregivers and clinicians of the Infant Single Ventricle Monitoring Program (ISVMP). All consecutive patients discharged following neonatal operation/intervention were monitored until subsequent stage 2 surgical palliation.

In six visits (10 percent), significant clinical findings were identified which avoided an emergency department (ED) visit. Caregivers and clinicians expressed high levels of satisfaction with telemedicine. Researchers concluded that telemedicine for this high-risk population is feasible and effective in identifying clinical concerns and preventing unnecessary ED visits. Telemedicine was particularly effective during the COVID-19 pandemic, allowing for easy adaptation of care to ensure patient safety in this fragile cohort.