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The Alliance for Connected Care aims to:

Demonstrate the importance of Connected Care as a tool for improved quality and efficiency.

Build significant and high-level support for Connected Care among leaders in Congress and the Administration.

Enable more telehealth to support new models of care.

Lift geographic and site restrictions for telehealth in Medicare.

Establish a consensus-based, standardized definition of Connected Care to advance with policymakers.

Alliance News

Patient transport greenhouse gas emissions from outpatient care

Journal of Climate Change and Health: Patient transport greenhouse gas emissions from outpatient care at an integrated health care system in the Northwestern United States, 2015–2020 (August 2021) – A retrospective review of outpatient care at a health system serving over 600,000 members found that from 2015 to 2020, total outpatient and telehealth visits increased, while ambulatory visit carbon intensity decreased – suggesting that telehealth visits may lead to reduced greenhouse gas emissions. The study from Kaiser Permanente, Brigham and Women’s Hospital and Harvard Medical School attributes most of the results to the adoption of telehealth during the coronavirus pandemic, [...]

July 13th, 2021|

Telehealth was Beneficial during COVID-19 for Older Americans: A Qualitative Study with Physicians

National Library of Medicine: Telehealth was Beneficial during COVID-19 for Older Americans: A Qualitative Study with Physicians – Interviews with physician from September to November 2020 identified five major telehealth themes: (1) telehealth uptake was rapid and iterative, (2) telehealth improved the safety of medical care, (3) use cases were specialty-specific (for geriatricians and primary care physicians telehealth substituted for in-person visits; for emergency physicians it primarily supplemented in-person visits), (4) physicians altered clinical care to overcome older patient barriers to telehealth use, and (5) telehealth use among physicians declined in mid-April 2020, due primarily to patient needs and administrator preferences, [...]

July 10th, 2021|

McKinsey: Telehealth: A quarter-trillion-dollar post-COVID-19 reality?

A year ago, McKinsey estimated that up to $250 billion of US healthcare spend could potentially be shifted to virtual or virtually enabled care. McKinsey has updated their research to assess implications for telehealth and virtual health more broadly going forward. Findings include the following insights: Telehealth utilization has stabilized at levels 38X higher than before the pandemic. After an initial spike to more than 32 percent of office and outpatient visits occurring via telehealth in April 2020, utilization levels have largely stabilized, ranging from 13 to 17 percent across all specialties. This utilization reflects more than two-thirds of what [...]

July 9th, 2021|

Diabetes Care and Glycemic Control During the COVID-19 Pandemic in the United States

Early in the pandemic, the dramatic decline in outpatient visits raised concerns about diabetes care management. New research shows that telehealth visits and mail-order pharmacies are likely to thank for the minimal disruption witnessed in diabetes care. Results There were 1 357 029 and 1 364 522 adults with diabetes in the 2019 and 2020 cohorts, respectively, with similar baseline characteristics (Table). In 2019, 0.3% of cohort had 1 or more telemedicine visit, compared with 29.1% of the 2020 cohort during the pandemic period. During the prepandemic period, there was no clinically meaningful difference between the cohorts across all [...]

July 6th, 2021|
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