Kaiser Family Foundation: Telehealth Delivery of Behavioral Health Care in Medicaid: Findings from a Survey of State Medicaid Programs

Kaiser Family Foundation (KFF) surveyed state Medicaid officials about policies and trends related to telehealth delivery of behavioral health services. The survey found that states most commonly reported adding audio-only telehealth coverage of behavioral health services, which can help facilitate access to care, especially in rural areas with broadband access challenges and for older populations who may struggle to use audiovisual technology. Nearly all states reported expanding behavioral health services that are allowed to be delivered via telehealth, such as to newly allow telehealth delivery of group therapy or medication-assisted treatment (MAT). Finally, most states reported expanding the provider types that may be reimbursed for telehealth delivery of behavioral health services, such as to allow specialists with different licensure requirements (e.g. marriage and family therapists, addiction specialists, and peer specialists). See KFF’s press release for more information.