GoodRx Health: The State of Telehealth, According to Healthcare Providers and Patients

GoodRx Research surveyed over 1,000 patients and over 600 providers during August and September 2021 about their telehealth experiences. In the survey, both providers and consumers said that they valued telehealth and planned to use it in the future. Key takeaways:

  • Consumers enjoy the ease of scheduling telehealth visits and plan on using them along with in-person visits
  • The COVID-19 pandemic spurred telehealth use, with nearly half of respondents using telehealth for the first time during COVID-19
  • More than 60% of respondents plan on using telehealth alongside in-person visits
  • Many consumers see no difference between in-person and virtual visits with regards to quality of care, privacy, and cost
  • About 40% of consumers interact with providers more because of telehealth
  • Virtual visits for mental health care and chronic care treatment grew the most during COVID-19
  • Providers see good outcomes for their patients because of telehealth